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I’m a Computer Science student, currently located in Heidelberg.

My hobbys include:

  • organizing events for the student council
  • linux administration and tinkering
  • rock climbing
  • open source development & packaging applications
  • being a youth leader (in my local YMCA)

In the past I was employed as:

For details check out my LinkedIn Page!

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Sep 15, 2021

Setting up MinIO on gokrazy

NOTE: gokrazy has since changed its commandline interface (in a very nice way IMO), and Michael was kind enough to also update the guide for minio: https://gokrazy.org/packages/minio/ Old Article: MinIO is high-performance object storage that is API compatible to Amazons Simple Storage Service (S3), but is open source and written in Go. It can be used as a building block for applications involving file storage and file transmission and while its native to the cloud, it turns out one can also use it on gokrazy. Read more
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If you want to contact me, you can use GPG to encrypt your message for my key!

Fingerprint of the key is: 6F77 9ADE 247A 6B8A 0F72 CC13 C047 D4F3 28B5 2585

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